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How has this project grown so quickly in as little of three years?

Simply...the idea of ‘Sustainable Ethics’ and a ‘Natural Change Method’ a concept the Zelko’s also incorporate at their restaurant, Zelko Bistro located in the historical community of The Houston Heights. It has inspired locals alike to understand the highest perspective towards our agriculture, what has become of our food industry and depletion of natural-healthy food.

The project offers an ideal Alternative for getting rid of unwanted bee-pest, they simply allow people to have the bees re-located, rather than exterminate the colonies.

We at The HHoneyBee-Project obtain wild bees that would normally be exterminated and re-locate them into hives so they might naturally flourish. All proceeds go back into the project, allowing us to take on more hives, maintain them responsibly, ethically and continue to support the Wild Bee population.

The HoneyBee Project is pioneered by Zelko Bistro duo, Chef Zelko and Co-Owner Dalia Zelko and is one of Houston’s favorite Chef-led restaurants, notable for their sustainable practices and purposeful community initiatives. Chef Jamie Zelko received awards for “Community Improvement” Houston Heights Association, “Sustainable Restaurateur” H-Texas Magazine, “Sustainable Chef of the Year” Rising StarChefs.com, “Best New Restaurant” Texas Monthly-Houston Press-The Houston Chronicle and “National Rising Star” Restaurant & Hospitality Magazine.

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